Cheervibe is Erie, PA’s premiere All Star competitive cheerleading training center. We are celebrating our 12th year in business. We offer a variety of all-star programs for all levels and ages. We are proud of our accomplishments that has spanned over a decade with our most recent accomplishment winning the 2020 UCA International Championship in Disney. Athletes learn about sportsmanship, working together towards goals, and striving to win. The teamwork athletes gain from our program is a valuable lifelong lesson.

Cheervibe will be offering (4) four programs for the 2022-23 Season for boys & girls ages 3+years old. There is absolutely no difference in the quality of training or performance expectations between the three TEAM PROGRAMS – Elite, Prep, Novice (Exhibition). We also offer Cheer FUNdamentals which is just an hour long class in the fall & spring.

We strive to find a place for EVERY student according to their age and ability level.  Regardless of your child’s experience or skill level, our staff will be able to find a place for your child to feel successful and grow their skills! Everyone makes a team!







CHEER FUNDAMENTALS - This is a class, NOT a team. The class is offered in 2 sessions Sept - Dec and Jan - May. The class is an hour class and it's the primary focus of this class is to introduce your child to the basics of cheer with an emphasis on teaching proper technique in motions, jumps, tumble, dance & stunts. This program will be in-house class format. FUNdamentals is an opportunity for athletes to experience All-Star in a seasonal, lower commitment, lower cost, entry-level, non-competitive format. Ages 4+ years old

No tryout. REGISTER THROUGH THE TUMBLING PROGRAM. This is a month-to-month class you can sign up anytime throughout the session.


NOVICE (Local Performance Teams) - This is where the passion begins for a child of ANY AGE! This is a super fun, non-competitive team that will perform in the local area.  There is less time commitment, less financial commitment, and it is a great starting point for new cheerleaders.  They practice only 1 day a week for 1.5 hours and attend events only in Erie.  If your child desires to move up to All Star Prep they can transition in September only. Every cheerleader that desires to be on a team will be placed on a team according to their age and/or abilities. Ages 3+ years old. TUITION PORTION $65MONTH

REGISTRATION is open April 1st for the 2022-23 Season. (Last day to register is September 15th) 


ALL STAR PREP (Local/Regional Comp Teams) - The prep competitive teams are great for the new or experienced cheerleader. They will wear a uniform and attend many of the same events as the full competitive teams. The team will only compete in the Erie, Cleveland & Buffalo area. The time and financial commitment are significantly less than the full competitive program making this a great option for families who are unable or unsure about making a significant time and financial commitment to cheerleading. They practice 2 days a week (1.5 hrs each) for a total of 3 hours. Travel is Local, Regional & 1 NationalEvent. Ages 5+ years old. TUITION PORTION $85MONTH

REGISTRATION is open April 1st for the 2022-23 Season.  (Last day to register Aug 31st)


ELITE ALL STAR (Travel Comp Teams) - These teams will require the most time and financial commitment as they are generally reserved for cheerleaders with significant cheerleading experience. These are highly competitive teams with significant skill requirements. They practice 2 days a week for a total of 3.5 hours plus 1 hour tumble class per week. Travel is Regionally; PA, OH, NY & National. Ages 6+ years old.

REGISTRATION is open April 1st for the 2022-23 Season.  (Last day to register Aug 31st)



50% OFF. Tumbling classes (member price $30mth)

20% discount on Birthday parties & Summer Day Camps for members. 

10% off Sibling discount (2nd child etc)



We love to train beginners and we can bring out the most in every athlete that loves cheerleading. When you are investing in your child’s sport you want to make sure you are investing in the best in the area – and that is CheerVIBE!




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