SEASON 2021 - 22

All Cheerleaders must be registered.
Novice (beginner, no experience) will be placed on a team according to age.
Prep & Elite are required to attend evaluations will be placed on teams according to age, skill level & experience.
May 1 - June 30th $45 Includes practice tshirt
EVALUATIONS: (Prep & Elite only)  If your child has no experience and no tumbling skills we will automatically place them on a Novice team according to their age.
You only need to attend ONE Evaluation. Pick the day and time that is most convenient for your family. If your not able to attend call the gym for a private evaluation.
If you are not available to attend these dates please call the gym to schedule your private evaluation. 814-923-3426
Monday 24th 630 - 730 Prep All ages
Thursday May 27th 6 - 7pm All ages
ELITE - Ages 6 - 11
Tuesday May 25th 6 - 7pm 
Wednesday May 26th 530  - 630pm 
ELITE - Ages 12 & up
Tuesday May 25th 7 - 8pm 
Wednesday May 26th 630 - 730pm 
(pricing & schedules)
June Practices- After Evaluations
PREVAIL 2021-2022
Dear parents,
This year team placements will run differently compared to how we have done them in the past, for several reasons, that will benefit the athlete physically, psychologically, socially and emotionally. We believe in the value of having a growth- mindset and developing the all-around athlete who can do more than just tumble and stunt. This year there will be TWO rounds of evaluations!
Evaluation 1:
Round one of the evaluation process will take place May 24-27th. Athletes will meet with the coach to demonstrate the tumbling skills they can do independently. A tumbling and technique driver scale (see attached sheet) will be provided to guide the evaluation. Skills on the list are not required to be evaluated. No experience is perfectly acceptable. At Cheer Vibe we focus on how all kids can grow and be successful in a positive learning environment.
After round one of evaluations, your child will be placed in one of the following groups: Group A, Group B, or Group C. It is important to understand that just because your child is placed in Group A, does not mean your child will be on a team with the kids you see them practicing with during the month of June. There is a method to the madness. Trust the process!
Groups are determined by age and current tumbling ability. Group A, B, and C will have overlapping stunt practices, and separate tumbling practices during the month of June. Tumbling practice will be customized to each group’s specific tumbling needs. Stunting sessions will be used for coaches to take a closer look at athlete’s stunting abilities. Athletes will be taught stunting basics and correct stunting technique during this time. Also, coaches will observe and discover how each athlete functions in a team setting. Coaches are looking for athletes that are coachable, accepting of constrictive criticism, capable of working well with others, team players, and appreciative of the competitive aspect of the sport.
What will a practice night look during the month of June?
Example 1: Group A will tumble from 5-6pm on Monday night, at 6pm, Group B will arrive for their warm up while group A gets a drink and takes a restroom break. At 6:10, both group A and B will begin their stunting session together until 7pm. At 7pm, Group A will go home, and Group B will tumble until 8pm.
This overlapping schedule will continue over the course of one month beginning June 1- June July 1. This will insure each athlete receives the appropriate amount of tumbling and stunting instruction and practice. Coaches tracking each child’s progress over the one month period, allows time for a fair evaluation for all aspects of the sport.After one month of groups working together, a second round of evaluations will take place July 5- July 7th.
Evaluation 2:  Athletes will meet with coaches to demonstrate tumbling skills they have learned over the course of one month. The same tumbling and technique driver scale (see attached sheet) will be used to guide the second evaluation. The athletes will have an opportunity to discuss their experience and celebrate their growth thus far. Round 2 of evaluations will take place July 5th and July 7thth during their regular scheduled practice time.
TEAM REVEALS of age and level (ex: youth 3, junior 2, senior 3, etc.) will be announced on July 9th , and team specific practices will begin July 12th.
Cheer Vibe Staff


Summer practice schedules are located on the practice page or CLICK HERE